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Welcome to our getting started guide. Our jewelry shop is constantly evolving, and we feel this would be the perfect place for our customers to start. We never want our customers to feel lost, and this can happen quite frequently on sites that do not have very good navigation, so please, consider this page as your starting point. If we missed something, then please contact us so we can provide you with better guidance; We offer 24/7/365 email support.


One of the things you will notice is that we love publishing content, and DiVA’GEO™ Blog will be no different, so far, we have quite a few blog articles that will cover just about every area of our site, some of our latest articles are product related, you know, Jewelry, Purses & Handbags, colognes and perfumes, etc., however, if there is a topic you would like for us to cover, and it falls within our niche, then please let us know, and we will do our best to get your article published ASAP, keep in mind, we do not accept guest posts, so please do not ask!

5 Latest Articles:

The above blog posts may or may not be the most recent blog posts, and it really depends on how often this page is updated. If we update this page, then we will do our best to maintain the most recent blog posts in this section. Our primary goal is to create a link structure thus making search as efficient as possible for our customers; We also welcome your feedback!

Categories (main)

Cologne For Men

Give your confidence a real boost with the high-quality colognes for men that we have at DiVA’GEO™. There is nothing like a high-quality cologne to make you feel better about yourself and give your confidence a total boost. The right cologne will help you to make a good impression wherever you go.

One of the major benefits of wearing cologne is that it shows you really care about your appearance and grooming. This will be appreciated by everyone that you meet. The best colognes provide a man with a sense of refinement. They are polished and refined. If you need to make a good first impression then choose the best cologne for the job.

Wearing top quality cologne can have health benefits as well. A lot of people find that when they wear cologne, they reduce their stress and any feelings of anxiety. Wearing the best quality colognes can make you feel a lot more relaxed. By choosing the right fragrance you will send a positive message to others that you meet. At DiVA’GEO™ we have a range of colognes for men for you to choose from. If you have a personal favorite then check out to see if we have it for you. We pride ourselves on the choices that we are able to provide to our customers and are confident that we have the right cologne for you.

Cosmetics & Makeup

We want you to feel great about yourself so we have a comprehensive range of cosmetic and makeup products to offer you. When you choose top quality beauty and cosmetic products from DiVA’GEO™ you will give your confidence a great boost. You owe it to yourself to present yourself to the world in the most beautiful way.

Using cosmetic and makeup products is not just about looking more beautiful. Certain products can actually help you to protect your skin and fight the effects of aging. If you want to have an attractive and youthful appearance then choosing high-quality cosmetics and makeup is the right thing to do.

Some of our cosmetic and makeup products will help to cleanse your skin and give you a really healthy glow. The process of applying the best cosmetic and makeup products is very therapeutic as well. You are making yourself look more attractive and there are few better feelings than this. When you look your best, you will feel your best. You deserve to feel great about yourself and our cosmetic and makeup products can help you to do that. Attractive people get all of the right attention, so choose from our vast array of cosmetics and makeup products and create the look that you want. Project the right image in person and in your pictures.

Fashion Jewelry

How would you like to choose from over 10,000 fashion jewelry products? Well, that is what we have to offer you here at DiVA’GEO™. Do you think that with all of these products available you can find something that you really like? Of course, you can do that! We are all about quality and choice here which is why we have such a comprehensive range of fashion jewelry.

You want to look great wearing the latest fashion jewelry and we totally get that. People buy all kinds of fashion jewelry because they want to make a unique statement. This is one of the main reasons that we have so many different products to offer you.

If you want to buy fashion jewelry for someone as a gift then you will get a lot of good ideas by browsing our vast range. You can never have too much choice in our opinion and we are totally confident that you will find the perfect gift in our fashion jewelry section.

Want to buy some fashion jewelry for yourself? Well, you can totally spoil yourself with our vast range of products. We have made sure that there is fashion jewelry available for everyone. You will never regret browsing through the range of fashion jewelry that is on offer at DiVA’GEO™.

Jewelry For Women

You are getting ready to go out for the evening and you are looking great. The final touch is to wear that great looking jewelry. If you want to make an impact wherever you go, wearing attractive jewelry is one of the best ways to do this. Here at DiVA’GEO™ we have a wide range of jewelry products for women to suit all budgets including:

  • Fashion jewelry
  • Luxury jewelry
  • Necklaces and pendants
  • Anklets
  • Bangles

Jewelry makes a great gift for the woman in your life. Giving a piece of jewelry as a gift shows that you really care and it will always be appreciated. Watch your ladies’ eyes light up as she sees your jewelry gift for the first time.
If you want to showcase your personality, there is no better way to do this than by wearing the right jewelry. The things that you wear will tell people who you are and accentuate your personality. Everyone is different, so celebrate your individuality by choosing the jewelry that you want to wear.

Women like to highlight their special features with jewelry. You can experiment with the way that you look by wearing jewelry that accentuates your face, your neck, your hands and so on. Choosing the right necklace or earrings can totally transform the way that you look. Give your confidence a total boost by wearing great jewelry.

Jewelry For Men

A lot of men are wearing jewelry these days and it looks really good on them. If you are a man and you want to purchase your first piece of jewelry then you have come to the right place. Here at DiVA’GEO™ we have around 10,000 different pieces of jewelry for men so you are bound to find something you really like.

Maybe you are a lady looking to buy some jewelry for your man? If so, you will find many great ideas in our men’s jewelry section. Our research team has spent a great deal of time looking into the jewelry that is popular for men. They have identified some great fashionable pieces that any man would love.

You will be hard pushed to find another online store that offers you so much choice when it comes to men’s jewelry. We have worked hard to procure the best products so that you can be confident in the choices that you make. There is literally everything that you could imagine available in our men’s jewelry category. We are totally confident that you will find more than one item that you really want. Make a real statement with the right jewelry. Everything that you could possibly want is right here for you in the 10,000 products that we have to offer.

Fashion Accessories

These days, you can find fashion accessories just about anywhere, however, you may be pressed to find high-quality premium fashion accessories that you can easily find in our shop. We carry a wide array of fashion accessories that ship directly from our USA warehouse. We offer an irresistible selection of fashion products that you simply can not resist! We also carry premium Jewelry For Women that would make an excellent gift for yourself or someone that you love! Our fashion & jewelry products are very good sellers that should not be ignored! With our products, you certainly can make a very good fashion statement that will impress everyone around you, including your family & friends, and they too will ask “Where did you get that fabulous piece of jewelry?” and you will tell them that you got it from

For Men

We carry an incredible inventory for men, and this is an absolute must if you are looking for high-quality men’s fashion for today’s men! You can actually brag about our awesome catalog of men’s clothing! It does not matter if you are a common businessman, or maybe you are the outdoor adventurous type. We carry an array of men’s clothes that will be shipped right to your door from our USA Warehouse; We are just getting started! We carry a number of products that are just for men, such as Jewelry for men, Watches for men, and the list goes on. This is a perfect time for you to look through our list of products just for men. If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend-husband-father, then you should make your purchase today!

For Women

If you are the modern women, which we think you are, then you will be looking for the best women’s clothing! and we do not think that you would settle for anything less when it comes to women’s fashion, making yourself look good! not only do we carry fashion accessories for women, and we also carry a huge line of women’s clothing for today’s modern women. It does not matter if you are looking for evening dresses, gowns or rompers, or even t-shirts, we certainly have a healthy product line of clothing for women that will make most women happy inside! Our high-quality fashion clothing for women will also make a great gift for the women you love. Our male and female customers keep us very busy around the holiday season which makes up the bulk of our sales, so if you are shopping for women during the holiday season, then you have come to the right gift shop that sells a number of products just for women. We offer fast USA Shipping!

Gadgets & Gifts

Choosing the right gift for someone is always a lot easier when there are a lot of choices. Here at DiVA’GEO™ we are very proud of the fact that we have more than 10,000 high-quality Gadgets & Gifts for you to check out. There is something for everyone!

You will get so many great ideas for Gadgets & Gifts when you start to look through our fine range of products. We know how hard it can be at times to come up with the right gift idea for example. So, by providing you with an enormous choice, we feel totally confident that you will find what you are looking for.

There are all kinds of Gadgets & Gifts for you to check out. Take your time and browse around so that you can find the perfect product. Our customers really appreciate that we have so many different gadget & gift ideas for them to choose from.

Here is our challenge to you. Take a few minutes looking through our Gadgets & Gifts section and we are super confident that you will be totally inspired by what you see. We are always working on our Gadgets & Gifts range and introduce new products all of the time so watch out for these.

Gifts For Women

Not only do we carry a line of products in other categories; We also carry a sizeable line of gifts for women products? Most people have a reason to make a gift purchase; It could be someone’s Anniversary, Birthday, or even baby shower since we carry a huge line of baby products. Are you looking for a gift for your grandchild, no problem; We also carry gifts for Men & Women, so consider us your gift shop on the corner! If you are in a gift shopping mood, then check out our shop. We currently do not carry gifts for men, however, if there is enough demand for gifts for men, kids, etc., then we will certainly consider adding related products.

Perfume For Women

If you want a simple but effective way to enhance your mood and make you feel really attractive then the best perfumes will do this for you. Not only will you smell fantastic with the great range of women’s perfumes that we can offer you here at DiVA’GEO™, you will feel much more confident and really feel great about yourself.

When you apply the best perfumes, it will immediately elevate your mood. Smell is a very powerful sense that links directly to our limbic systems. This means that your brain will respond in a positive way almost immediately when you wear a lovely fragrance. If you want to dramatically change your mood for the better, choose the best perfumes.

A perfume can also contain pheromones which can act as an aphrodisiac. Wearing the right perfume can really put you in the mood. Target the right areas with your fragrance and it can have a dramatic effect.

The smell from most perfumes can make you feel calm and relaxed. They are also effective for giving your confidence a boost as well. We have a lot of different perfumes to choose from, which means that you can go for the one that really reflects your personality. If you want to smell fantastic and feel good about yourself then check out our classic perfume collection.

This may not be the extent of our shop categories. As our shop grows and/or expands, some categories may be added, removed, or reassigned as needed. Our shop has no more than 4-5 shop categories, from here, a number of sub-categories may be created, removed, or reassigned as needed in order to meet our shop expectations.

Categories (Important)

I wanted to expand a little more about our daily deals section, sometimes, we will run across products that are very popular, however, they may not be very profitable for our shop, in this case, we may list these products under daily deals, and this just shows that we do not list the most expensive products that we run across; Other shoppers may elect to purchase the finer things in life, but some shoppers may not be able to purchase certain items; We understand the needs of our shoppers, therefore, we have created a daily deals section that will appeal to all of our shoppers; We are mindful of this fact!

Live Feeds:

Product Feed (live)

You may not find live product updates on most sites, however, if you would like to follow our live product updates as they happen, then please bookmark this page. Our product feed page is a manual process, once we add a new product to our shop, then it will appear on our product feed, so please Follow & Bookmark

Recent Updates (live)

If you are someone that likes to follow our most recent live updates, then you should check out this area. When it comes to recent updates, then we tend to babble, after, we are able to get back on track so we can keep our followers and visitors up-to-date on what’s going on with our shop (as it happens) ie: Believe it or not, I broke my finger, ROFL



Affiliates > If you are interested in becoming one of our top affiliates, then you should check out our FAQ section. We have over 50 banners to choose from, so you should find something that will appeal to your taste. Affiliate Area is one of our affiliates; You also have the option to use our product review videos that will help you increase sales. Simply submit our product videos to any tube site, insert a description, along with your affiliate link. You may also insert our product review videos on your own site, in this case, then you can use direct linking ie: no affiliate link is required!

Buyers > If you are a buyer, then the FAQ buyer section should cover any questions you may have. If you could not find what you were looking for, then please contact us so we can update our FAQ section. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have that have not been addressed or listed in our FAQ section, see Helpdesk

FAQ > Some Q/A that may not fit other categories have been placed in the General FAQ section.

Legal > All legitimate sites will have a legal resource section.

Important FAQ

Buy Now, Pay Later!

We offer a number of payment providers such as bank-bank transfers, Paypal, Stripe, & We are also considering international payment options in order to cater to our international customers, currently, most of our customers use Paypal in order to complete their purchase. We are currently looking into Buy Now, Pay Now options that will provide our customers with more purchasing power so they can purchase what they want right now!

Free Shipping Offer!

If your US Order is $49 or more, then you will automatically receive free shipping that will be reflected on your cart and/or checkout page. We also sell a number of products in our gift shop that will be tagged with Free Shipping, and this is because some of our distributors & suppliers may offer free shipping, and these savings are passed down to our customers whenever possible. We also know by offering free shipping can also drive sales for our gift shop!

Returns & Refunds

If you are one of our customers, then returns & refunds will be one of the most important sections of our website. We offer a 45-day return policy on most products. We offer a 90-day return policy on featured products (products we have reviewed) Our HOT products!

Shipping & Handling

This will be another section that will be important to buyers as well; In Shipping & Handling, we cover as much as we can when it applies to our shipping & handling policies. Returns & Shipping will be the two most important sections you will want to know.

USA Shipper

When you place your order with DiVA’GEO™, then rest assured that your order will be shipped within the United States. Your order will be processed within 3 days, and you should receive your order within 5-7 days, and no longer than 14 days for our US customers. We do not products from Aliexpress.

Why FAQ is important!

It never crossed our mind to set up a gift shop that did not include an extensive FAQ section. We are looking to build and earn your trust with our customers, and the best way of doing this is to provide our customers with an extensive FAQ database; If you do not find what you are looking for; please contact support.


I honestly can not tell you have many hours or months I have worked on putting this gift shop together, and I certainly never want to be called another 5-minute Shopify store. I believe in doing something right the first time, and if it should take weeks or months, then so be it! I started working on the site while I was employed, and I was making a very good living also, then out of the blue, COVID-19 hit, then the company I was working for may have thought they were paying me too much money, then in Feb 2021, I lost my job, and I was still working on the site. Since Feb 2021 I have bounced around on a couple of consulting jobs, then around May or June 2021 I lost both of my consulting jobs since consulting jobs are considered “temp” jobs, around July 2021 I was able to pick up a stable part-time job that I feel will be stable for the foreseeable future, as of Aug 2021, I am still working to get DiVA’GEO™ online. I knew I had an uphill battle to climb, however, I really just did not know how time-consuming the process was going to be.


Once you have items in your cart, then you can proceed to checkout, however, once you reach out checkout page, then you decide that you want to modify your cart; At this point, you will need to go back to your cart page, make your modification, then go back to our checkout page; This process is not very efficient for our customers, however, until we can solve this inefficient process, then please go through the checkout process.


If you know exactly what you want, add items to your cart, then you can head directly to our checkout page; From our checkout page, you will still be able to search for products, and a list of products will also show up on the checkout page, you never know, you may run across something else that you would like to purchase. Once you are all set, then proceed to check out by choosing one of our payments options, then you are good to go; After checkout, if you should have any other concerns or issues, then please contact support so that we can resolve any issues.


Along your gift shopping travels, you may run across our shop page; You will find all of our major categories on the shop page; You will also see many products that you can slide with ease until you find what you are looking for; In order to find what you are looking for much quicker, then please use our filter options to critique your search. We have done our best in order to make our shop page as clean, and transparent as possible so that customers can find what they are looking for as efficiently as possible.


Looking for the My Account link and you will be able to register for an account, otherwise, you can use the same link in order to log into your account; Once you are logged in, then you will see your account information. If you are a quick shopper, looking to buy and run, then having your own account may not be at the top of your list, however, some of our shoppers want to build Loyalty & Reward points, and keep track of their purchases. We want to cater to all of our shoppers and will provide you with as much or as little interaction that you wish to have; It is your choice!

Loyalty & Rewards

We wanted a way to give back to our loyal customers, so, after some research on what other shops were doing, it was decided that we could set up a Loyalty & Rewards program that would give back to each and every customer that made a purchase through our shop and these reward points could be used on future purchases. I was advised by one of my staff members that this could severely reduce profit margins, and maybe this is the reason that most start-up shops do not do this! After careful consideration; I decided to set up a rewards program for our loyal customers; After all, most short-term shop owners are looking for quick money, and trust me, there is nothing “quick” about working on a shop that is taking months to complete. We are looking for long-term customers, and if we have to lose a few dollars on the front end by offering reward points that will get customers to return to our shop, YES!!!


One of the most important things that I have learned is “the money is in the list!” However, I have never been all that keen on sending out emails! You never want to be accused of being a spammer, but I also know how important it is to have a newsletter and this feature has been integrated into our site, so I can not say for sure if I will use the newsletter to contact our subscribers, but you never know! If you can remember the name, and make regular purchases from our jewelry shop, then maybe I never have to send out a newsletter to our customers, however, if something bad happens such as a hacked site, then I may want to pass the word along to our subscribers. If we receive some spectacular news that we should pass along, in this case, we may decide to contact everyone on the list, regardless of how we feel about newsletters, we would be thrilled if you would subscribe to our newsletter! Of course, if you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, then you are free to do so.


This is where our visitors and/or customers can make a difference! If we are doing something wrong, then please take the time to send us your feedback, and if we are doing something right, send us feedback. My small and I have spent a number of hours going over just about everything we could possibly go over! When you have several minds working together, then things can fall into place much quicker compared to me thinking up some of this stuff myself; Some of my team members may have more experience than I do, and they were very instrumental in some areas that concerned the shop. Your feedback is very important to us and is very possible that your feedback would be very helpful, so please take the time to visit our feedback page, and leave us your comments since your feedback may be the very reason that this shop grows! It was a team member that suggested the “getting started” page, and I thought it was a very good idea, and thought this page would make a very good first impression!


Have you ever made a purchase, then tried contacting support just to figure out that they are ignoring your support tickets? Unfortunately, this is how big business works today! Big business does not make money spending countless hours responding to customers, take me for example, I purchased a 2021 KIA, and after making numerous attempts to contact the car dealership; They have not responded to my calls or emails on the whereabouts of the $1,200 offer they made to me at the time that I purchased the car! KIA was my best friend (before the car purchase) now that I have purchased the car; I am simply a no-one to these guys, in fact, I really feel like I have been “unfriended” by Riverchase KIA, no matter how bad it gets, we would never treat our customers this badly, not only that, we will respond to our customers within 1-3 business days, why? Because our reputation is on the line to help our customers! It’s a win-win for everyone! and I am so sorry that I had to use a bad car dealership as an example!


Yes, we accept Paypal; Paypal is one of our preferred payment providers. Paypal is very popular in the US and other parts of the country. Paypal claims to serve 75% of US customers and is the 3rd leading payment provider in the world, so it would not be smart or very wise of us to disregard Paypal since they are a top payment provider. Paypal protects their customers with 180-day fraud protection for the customers that they serve. If you have any concerns or issues concerning your Paypal payment or refund then please contact support so that we can help serve you better. We also understand that some of our customers may not have access to Paypal, and we are currently working on other payment solutions in order to accept universal payments for our shop, however, being able to accept worldwide payments is a challenge for any online shop, and we are doing our best to bring other payment solutions to the table.


Do you really want to buy something but don’t have all of the money to get it? You find something on our website that you really want, but decide that you can’t have it because your budget will not stretch to it? Well, you can have that item that you desire thanks to Sezzle.

When you pay using Sezzle you will be able to buy the item that you want right now and pay later. By choosing to pay for your purchase using Sezzle, you will only have to pay a quarter (25%) of the purchase price now, and then every 14 days after this you will make another three equal payments.

The really good news about paying with Sezzle is that there is no interest to pay. You can defer your total payment for six weeks completely interest free. With Sezzle you can connect directly to your bank account, a credit card or a debit card. Your fortnightly payments will be funded by the option that you choose. Sezzle is not the same as a layaway program. Instead of waiting to make all of the payments before you receive your item with layaway, you can have your item as soon as you have made the first payment with Sezzle. It is a safe to use service which many of our customers take advantage of to get their items now.

Woocommerce Payments

Woocommerce is a popular payment provider that is powered by @wordpress. If you are looking for a high-quality payment provider, then you may want to consider this payment option that we have enabled in our shop. Woocommerce also supports APPLE PAYStripe, and Square. We are doing our very best in order to bring the very best payment solutions to our shop that will make checking out of our shop easy so you can go about your day, after all, we know that our customers are very busy, and have things to do after they go shopping; If you have any payment issues, contact support.

At DiVA’GEO™ we are committed to providing you with many choices and this applies to payment methods that we accept as well. There are a number of ways that you can pay for the items that you want in our store and we are constantly striving to add new methods. Every time that you make a payment with us you can be sure that it is completely safe and secure.

Not only do we want all of your transactions with us to be secure, but we want to offer you the most choice as well. For your convenience, we use the WooCommerce platform to accept payments. This is a secure platform that enables you to make payments using credit cards and debit cards as well as to use other methods of payment such as PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay.

Refund Request

We do get refund requests, however, refund requests may come for various reasons, wrong size, wrong, color, wrong this, or wrong that! refund reasons do not really matter to us, and that is because we want to satisfy our customers, and if that means having to give them their money back, then that is what we will do! We have a very generous return and refund policy, in fact, for most products, we offer a 30-day return policy, and for our Featured (HOT) products, we offer a 90-day return policy. If you are not happy with your order/purchase, simply return your order directly to our distributor and we would be more than happy to provide you with a full refund. In fact, follow the directions on our refund request page, and we will compensate you for your USPS return via paypal! If you have a Paypal account, then we can compensate you in a separate transaction. You can call this our no-stress refund policy! Our customers should never have to worry about returning their unwanted orders. If you are not happy with your order, then let’s get the ball rolling on getting your refund started; a 100% no questions asked refund policy!

No Sales Tactics

Our visitors and/or customers will never be pressured by high-sales tactics in order to make a purchase! Even if you join our newsletter, we promise not to bombard your email every single day in an effort to get you to make a purchase; At this very moment, I bet most of you get spam emails every single day from the very same spammers that try to get me to buy into their schemes. You are certainly free to look around, and if you are not interested, then that is good enough for us. We never want our customers to feel like they were pressured to make a purchase, and if you should decide to make a small purchase, then we would be grateful that you supported our small gift shop. We do our very best so that we can bring our customers high-quality products, however, we may not be able to please everyone, all the time. Since you are visiting our gift shop, then we thank you for taking the time to read our no high-pressure sales tactic policy…

Report Errors

Bugs and Errors can simply haunt any website to no end, so much, that you will start pulling your hair out! and this is why we have a tech person that constantly maintains our shop so that our shop will continue to operate. We are not coders, and if you want to keep your site in working order, then it is not a bad idea to keep a front & backend developer handy since you really never know when disaster may hit your site. a bug and/or error can be so tiny that they may prevent our customers from checking out, IMO, we recently fixed that issue, ROFL. If you run across any type of bug or error, no matter how small it may be, then please use our bug reporting form in order to contact us. We want our gift shop to run like a smoothly oiled machine, however, sometimes, we just do not catch all the bugs, and this is why we call upon our visitors to report any issues that they may run across so these bugs & errors can be fixed in a timely manner.


The terms policy is probably one of the most neglected pages on any given site, after all, how many of you actually like reading through a lot of legal wording, I certainly don’t! and for the most part, you generally have to accept our terms and conditions and other legal policies that have been set forth on our website. I wanted to mention this, even though I really did not want to, however, we have condensed a page that contains all or most links to any legal page that you may want to look up in the future! a terms policy is so minor that very few people read them, but at the same time, they are probably one of the most important pages that a site can have in regards to our legal protection that would apply under the law. We ask that everyone read our terms policy, and you will be asked again if you should carry out any type of action on our website. Thank-You!


I bet you did not expect to see a contest here, yes, we often run contests so that our visitors have a chance to win one of our products; All you do is complete some tasks in order to play our contest. If you are the winner of our contest, then we will ship you the product at no cost to you; We will not even ask you to pay for shipping! The reason that we run a free product contest is to bring traffic to our site without us having to spend $$$ on some ad network. If you do not enter, then you can not win our contest!


We have done everything we can in order to help everyone access our shop. We do not care who you are, what color you are, what creed you are, where you are from, or if you are blind in one eye, and have only one leg. We are here to help anyone and everyone to access our site, no matter who you are, you are very important to us.


If you feel that this guide is incomplete or you think something should be added that will help our customers navigate our site better, then please contact support, and we will make any required adjustments that will help everyone; We are very much aware that most sites have a getting starting area; Our job is to help everyone from start to finish!

We hope that you enjoyed reading our getting started page as much as we enjoyed writing it! It took us a better part of a day to write this page that would help inform our visitors and/or customers. If you still feel that we did not address any of your questions, then contact us day or night, and customer service will get back to you ASAP.

Disclaimer: We only sell high-quality / premium products that are painstakingly hand-picked for our gift shop, not only that, content is created so that we can educate our customers on what they are buying. If you should have any concerns, issues, questions concerning your order, then please contact support (see above) We never wish for our customers to leave our site unsatisfied with their purchase, and we will certainly make it right. We offer a 45/90 day money-back guarantee on most products!

We do apologize for any errors you may find on this page!

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